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Title: Intermittens Issue 11

Author: Various

Category: Periodicals

Catalog Number: LOE00141

Description: Intermittens is a snapshot in time of Discordian a-musings. Now, 10 years after its predecessor, the magazine is revived! Featuring works from Aktion23 (the largest German-speaking Discordian cabal), The Aftermathematics Research Cabal, and several others you've come to know and love (or perhaps haven't come to love yet!), this edition is JAM-packed with thought-provoking, funny, and mostly sensical writings. (And some wonderful art!) I'm super proud of everyone who contributed to this edition, and I hope you'll both enjoy and get something out of reading this! -Alana -- (Epub is the preferred version, and can be read on any platform - as of writing, Calibre's ebook reader on Mac, Linux, and Windows, and Lithium on Android render it best. For Kindle, use the provided azw3 (converting to mobi breaks formatting). IMXI.pdf is for general reading. If you're printing on a black and white printer, IMXI_bw.pdf is suggested, we've tweaked the greyscaling of a few important images.

Date Published: 24 February 2021 / Chaos 55, 3187 YOLD

Formats: [EPUB] [AZW3] [PDF] [PDF-BW] [PDF-SRC]