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A Chaos Marxism Primer
Aeternus Ille Discordia
A Pocket Full of Chaos
Apocrypha Discordia
Apotheosis Pyscherotia
Biblio Discordia
Black Iron Prison: Common Walls
Chao Te Ching
Condensed Chaos
Das Handbuch der Legion Discordia V 1
Discordia! A Little Game About a Lot of Chaos
Et Cetera Discordia
Hey Jim!
H.I.M.E.O.B.S. Training Manual
Holy Nonsense
Jonesboria Discordia
Memoirs of a Daydreamer
Metaclysmia Discordia
Modern Mythical Creatures
Musings of a Faceless Man
Omitterre Libellus
On Activism (Adelord Layout)
On Activism (The Beasley Layout)
Or Kill Me!!
Oven-Ready Chaos
Principia Discordia
Principia Discordia (Evangelical Edition)
Principia Discordia (Wholly 1st Edition)
Principia Entropius
Principia Ordia
Summa Discordia
The Anarchist's Library - Robert Anton Wilson Primer
The Big Purple Book of Esoteric Discombobulation
The Black Iron Prison
The Book of Chaos
The Book of Chaos and Its Virtue
The Book of Eris
The Book of Life
The Cardinal Rites of Chaos
The Dao Dahe Discordia
The Devia Discordia
The Discordia Totalis
The Eris Entripicus, Book One
The Eris Entripicus, Book Two
The Fail Whale Apocalypse and Other Stories
The Lazy Man's Guide to Relaxation
The Om Nom Nomicon
The Principia Discordia Version 17
The Principia Discordia Version 23.5
The Wise Book of Baloney
The Zenarchist's Cookbook
XX3: The Book, Vol. 23.1